Highland Dancing


Bute Highland Games is one of a number of venues for Highland Dance Competitions that carry a high status in the sport and attract dancers from around the World in addition to those from Scotland. Each year some 240 dancers come to Bute to take part in a number of competitions graded according to both age and skill level. Only dancers registered with the Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing may take part, this ensures a uniformly high standard of judging and of dancing.



Operated under the Rules of the Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing.

The competition is operated in two categories – Confined and Open.  To compete within the Confined category, contestants must be permanent residents in either Argyll & Bute, Helensburgh or Lomond.




… 4 years
… 5 years
… 6 years

… 6 to 7 years
… 8 to 11 years

… 8 to 9 years
… 10 to 15 years

… 8 to 10 years
… 11 to 17 years

… 7 to 12 years
… 13 to 15 years

Best dressed ‘Confined’ dancer




… 7 to 9 years
… 10 to 11 years
… 12 to 13 years
… 14 to 15 years
… 16 to 17 years
… 18 yrs and over


Best dressed ‘Open’ dancer

Most points in any age group for the competitor residing outwith Scotland

Most points in any age group for the competitor residing within Scotland

Most points for a boy dancer 16 years and under




An entry form can be downloaded from either the “Toe and Heel” website (http://www.toeandheel.com) or from the “Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing” website (www.rsobhd.net).

Closing date for entries will be 1st August 2022.

If further assistance is required please contact …

George Mitchelson
Tel.No.  –  01382 532858
Email  –  georgemitchelson@yahoo.co.uk                                                                                                        Top