An official programme can be purchased on Games’ Day (£3 each).  This will include reference in detail to all activities operating within The Stadium (High Street, Rothesay, Isle of Bute PA20 9BS).


In the meantime, we are happy to present below a draft outline of the events scheduled to take place, providing you with a “taste” of what delights they will have in store for you on the day.


  8.30 am     Gates open

10.00           Highland Dancing start

11.00           Junior Athletics (primary school level) 

11.00           Junior Shinty start

11.00           Junior Heavy Events start

12.00           Opening Ceremony

12.10.pm     Junior Athletics (Primary School level) start

12.10           Wrestling starts

12.30           Pipe Bands’ & Drum Majors’ Competition start  

1.00             Senior Heavy Events start

1.00            “Mini Games”

3.00             Start of the 10k Road Race

5.00             The Final Parade


….. And, of course, there will be many other activities operating in and and around the Stadium for everyone to enjoy.


Please note …

Listed timings are only approximate with changes, if any, processed closer to the ‘Big Day’.                                         Top